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Image for anime mult G-9

Year: 2006

Genre: seinen, action, fiction

Type: short, ova

Producer: Amemiya Keita

Autor: Amemiya Keita

Studio: Toei Animation

Time: 17 min

Description of G-9

This OVA is part of a series of "Ga-nime" (GAnime),a joint project of the animation studio Toei Animation and publishing house Gentosha Co. Anime in this series are working in the style of "slow animation". In fact, this systematic change of paintings, with no real animation between them (there are only a few digital special effects).As planned by the company, this series will be realized talented artists whose works rarely reach the general public. The author of this work, Keita Amemiya, may be known to anime fans as the author of "concept" to Iria - Zeiram (anime fantasy 90) and Maho Shoujo Tai Arusu (anime by Studio 4C). He also chegothe games (such as designs) made and directed the film. By the way, G-9, he is directing the product itself (that series GAnime, in general, is not typical). Ardeur very unusual. Only two colors, but it turned out juicy. A strange idea, but it is clear to me since the "brain parasites." Beautifully drawn, it is not typical. A lot of symbolism and imagery. sorryI do not know Japanese - during the fighting heroes weaved as if the characters that may carry some meaning. In general, it is very interesting and decent work, a little confused. The only thing I was not satisfied - the author discovered the basic meaning of the text in the background, and so want to understatement in this kind of work.And you want thinking the most. MimV

Images and photos of G-9

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