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Fuyu No Hi

Image for anime mult Fuyu No Hi

Year: 2003

Genre: drama

Type: ova

Producer: Kavamoto Kihatiro

Autor: Koge Donbo

Studio: Feel|zexcs

Time: min

Description of Fuyu No Hi

Blame Rank (cycle of poems) "Winter Day" by the famous Japanese poet Matsuo Basho seventeenth century (the creator of the haiku genre and aesthetics) and his disciples, followers.Cycle consists of 36 haiku. The idea to film "Winter Day" came up with the Japanese director Kihatiro Kawamoto, who turned to the best animators in the world. He attracted to the project of famous cartoonists from England, USA, Russia and other countries. Russian authors of the two - Yuri Norstein ("Hedgehog in the Fog""Tale of Tales") and Alexander Petrov ("The Old Man and the Sea", "My Love"). Each of the 35 (36-m became very Kihatiro Kawamoto) multipliers received for the film adaptation of one such haiku. Since haiku usually allows many interpretations, and no one had the opportunity to see the work of a colleague, after consolidating turned motley bunch of techniques,styles and meanings. From incredibly beautiful, even to the primitive and vulgar, from the literal to the infinitely distant from the words of the original. Although here it should be noted that even the Japanese themselves are not always able to understand the original meaning of words four centuries ago. This is definitely the most interesting, unique project, which has no analogues.

Images and photos of Fuyu No Hi

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