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From Today on I am

Image for anime mult From Today on I am

Year: 1993

Genre: shounen, comedy, school

Type: ova

Producer: Mori Takeshi

Autor: Nishimori Hiroyuki

Studio: Studio Pierrot

Time: 37 min

Description of From Today on I am

The boredom, the sameness of everyday life, the desire to socialize as much as possible,make the two most common high school students to look at the day before the transition to a new school: one - challenging at that time become discolored, the second - order a hairdresser in an incredible explosion at the Pasta Factory as hairstyles. The first breakthrough grayness of everyday life is finished, and the "normal"not marked by conflicts and adventures so now the unique personalities of the past, is now known only to them, accidentally collided at the door of the same barber shop. "Today I`ll start," the title, but when 5 minutes ovy hero utters the phrase - I think he said, "today I...." obviously,they came to the new school so as not to sit out with boredom lessons behind such as they are, not prodelyvat the same age-old way of home-school. To change something - you need to start with at least causing hairstyles and adventure, they are the same as the local punks problems themselves fit. "From today, I will not be out!" -that`s what I wanted to say blond. Funny couple - noble and unprincipled man of his word and the Dodgers no search. They were united by one thing - I am from today, even I`m actually a coward or weak, I will do as I want to, but there are ways to do so. And in general, I will not think about it today, think about it tomorrow.

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