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From the New World

Image for anime mult From the New World

Year: 2012

Genre: postapokalipsis, adventures, fiction

Type: tv_series

Producer: Ishihama Masashi

Autor: Kishi Yuusuke

Studio: A Pictures Inc

Time: 23 min

Description of From the New World

A thousand years of mankind, as predicted by Rousseau, back to basics. People thrust machine civilization,leaving a minimum of equipment for a comfortable life at the beginning of the XX century. No central authority - the inhabitants live in small towns and villages in harmony with nature. Petroleum and atom is no longer needed - in every community there are masters " dzyurёku " mysterious force that we would call telekinesis.The owner of such a force is able to perform any physical work or to use its power to protect the citizens. A gift that can arouse rituals, more like the ancient magic that appears somewhere in the 12 years. It is at this age and become the protagonists of the series... Saki Watanabe lived in the town of Kamis - 66, not knowing the problems. Dad - the mayor,Mom - the chief librarian in the school of magic girl met childhood friends Satoru, Mamoru, and Mary Xiong, and soon a friendly five has gone far beyond the program. Here at the curious kids and having the first " bad questions ": why adults do not like to leave the city? Where did the race of intelligent - bakenedzumi ratssupposedly loyal servants of humanity? Where children are missing, and who actually owns the world? The answers to these and other mysteries of the young heroes have led to disillusionment and exile, but discovered the truth that later Rousseau formulated another classic: only he is worthy of life and liberty, who is behind them is to fight every day!

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