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Image for anime mult Freezing

Year: 2011

Genre: harem, ecchi, seinen

Type: tv_series

Producer: Watanabe Takashi

Autor: Lim Dall Young

Studio: A C G T

Time: 25 min

Description of Freezing

In the not too distant, but a dystopian future Earth begin the invasion of the aliens angelic Nova. Fighting only genetically modified girls are with them,whose name is Pandora. The hopes of mankind are trained at the military academy, where candidates from around the world are taught the power of thought to call weapons and armor, then apply them in practice. Of course, there are orders of harsh, rigid hierarchy, and aggressive young person is constantly fighting with each other to get a serial number higher.This is the women`s team, where many important substitute hated rival, not to save the world. In addition, the strength and reputation Pandora give additional privileges. The fact that the formation of a full-fledged warrior combat unit must sign a contract with a guy, gains the ability to "freeze" - stop the enemy,which gives a chance to win Nova. For contract needed affection, emotional unity, because the chances of bright and attractive girls are always higher. The problem is that first student, beauty Satellayzer L. Bridget anyone to not let myself, earning the nickname The Untouchable Queen.And then suddenly it literally catches newcomer named Kazuya Aoi. What is it - suicide or complication of the plot? Do you still doubt?!

Images and photos of Freezing

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