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Image for anime mult Fractale

Year: 2011

Genre: adventures, seinen, fiction

Type: tv_series

Producer: Yamamoto Yutaka

Autor: Azuma Hiroki

Studio: A Pictures Inc |ordet

Time: 25 min

Description of Fractale

Somewhere over 300 years people have fulfilled the covenant of Rousseau and returned back to nature. Gone are the noisy city,smokestack factories and the very need to work - caring for their daily bread took over the mechanical god, supercomputing network called fractals. Instead, only needed on a regular basis to "pray " for resetting the accumulated daily information into the bottomless data storage. Fractal programmers have turned to the clergy,and theocracy in the world prevailed - though not burdensome. Life has become easier - though outwardly prior art rolled to the XX century, one could have a twin - avatars, charging them routine tasks, and the wandering in search of new experiences and great memories. The population has decreased dramatically, and the people have lost their roots and attachments,becoming the most part in the impersonal tumbleweed. Young Klein - not a typical inhabitant of the "new order" has not lost interest in the heritage of the past - and the things and values. For the time being, he led a normal life - spoken at the table with the twins parents, listening to old songs, enjoy nature - and waited; I waited, knowing that something will happensomething strange and unusual. So he met Phryne - fluent priestess Fractal for short clock dating Man fell in love and left him a " key to the world" - a wonderful girl Ness, the embodiment of energy, kindness and naivete. But it does not matter whether a person or avatar Nessa - does the protagonist of the right to open this door with the key, for which, it seems,Peace and dusk are debunking the false gods?

Images and photos of Fractale

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«Fractal» Anime Fra
«Fractal» Anime Frac
Fractal Anime (Fract
Wallpapers Fractale Anime Wallpaper # 256549 Sk
Wallpapers Fractale Anime Wallpaper # 256549 Sk
Wallpapers Fractale Anime Wallpaper # 256549 Sk
Wallpapers Fractale Anime Wallpaper # 256549 Ska