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Four-leaf Clover

Image for anime mult Four-leaf Clover

Year: 2008

Genre: school, romance, seinen

Type: ova

Producer: Nishikiori Hiroshi

Autor: Matsumura Yasuhiro

Studio: Hal Film Maker

Time: 35 min

Description of Four-leaf Clover

Four students of the graduating class are leaving to continue their studies at various academies. Before leaving, they were buried in the schoolyard "package themselves" and agree to meet three years. Now three years have passed. Little Nono (grown only 2 centimeters,All the same touching and economic), strong Matsuri (popular in the elite "Gekko" hair cut and wears black underwear), careless Yuzu (still casual, but now it is, for what to) and everyone`s favorite Makoto-kun (shoulders became wider, the brain has not increased) returned to the abandoned "Mochizuki" schoolto collect their memories.

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