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Fire Emblem

Image for anime mult Fire Emblem

Year: 1996

Genre: adventures, fantasy, shounen

Type: ova

Producer: Misawa Shin

Autor: Adachi Mitsuru

Studio: Studio Fantasia

Time: 30 min

Description of Fire Emblem

Once, before the time of first chronicles, there was a land called Holy Akanea, founded by the great hero Anri. Surrounded by parties other seven great nations, Akaneya co-existed in peace and harmony with their neighbors a lot of years. However, three of the god of contradiction, madness and War sent Medius,Dark Master and the leader of the country Duroy, to unite forces with Ganetom, ruler and supreme priest Kadaina. Army and Akane locks were powerless before their combined might and despite a desperate resistance, the land was soon swallowed by the waves of darkness. But soon Medius regret the day when he won the Akan,for the spirit of the country can not be a maturity date until the fire of freedom continues to burn in the hearts of Akaneantsev. Unless breathing hero, Henri blood flowing in their veins. With enchanted Falshionom in his hands, Prince Mars will lead his people to a campaign for the liberation of Akane, cutting through the bloody path of vengeance to the master Duroy. So begins the story...The plot is based on the same name turn-based tactical role-playing game developed by Intelligent Systems and published by Nintendo.

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