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Final Approach

Image for anime mult Final Approach

Year: 2004

Genre: drama, romance, comedy

Type: tv_series

Producer: Yamamoto Takashi

Autor: Hasegawa Katsumi

Studio: Zexcs|trinet Entertainment

Time: 13 min

Description of Final Approach

After his parents died, Ryo and his sister Akane have to live alone. Despite these difficulties of life, they live happily and sizes. However, the quiet life comes to an end, and all because of a secret government project. The birth rate in Japan falls dramatically, and the Japanese government has decided to test the program,on which biologically compatible couples to marry, or detention. Re at a loss, but the choice he is not rich, marriage or a view from behind bars for breaching the law. And very soon, one night, his fiancee, Shizuka, literally breaks into the house with a bunch of bodyguards and government agents,which should guarantee the success of a new pair. Unlike Fe, Shizuka diligently proceed to the duties of his wife, despite the objections of the groom. Re Life becomes a nightmare, that guy did not expect. The situation is exacerbated by the fact that Re schoolboy and he has a school friend that he was also sympathetic.

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