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Figure 17 - Tsubasa and Hikaru

Image for anime mult Figure 17 - Tsubasa and Hikaru

Year: 2001

Genre: seinen, daily, fiction

Type: tv_series

Producer: Takahashi Naohito

Autor: Yonemura Shoji

Studio: Olm Incorporated

Time: 46 min

Description of Figure 17 - Tsubasa and Hikaru

Ten Tsubasa Shiina with his father (his mother died in childbirth) moves from the capital Tokyo in the rural wilderness of Hokkaido,where her father was working in a small bakery, she hopes to master the art of baking business. Being quiet and shy girl full of complexes and fears, Tsubasa could not make friends with new classmates, and while absorbed in their own problems father spent day and night in the bakery, she spent the evening alone,playing with a dog Tenmaru and dreaming of a meeting with the rest of Tokyo podrugoy.Vsё dramatically changes when one night a girl becomes a witness to the fall of the alien ship, which was carrying on board of dangerous goods - six eggs terrible monster of magic to be used as biological weapons. Actually,unexpected exit from the egg of one of the monsters, and caused the fall, and in the eyes of a wounded pilot Didi Tsubasa comes with a monster in an unequal battle. In the most critical moment bioschit Didi suddenly reacts with Tsubasa, formed at the confluence of her formidable warrior Figure 17, it is easy to cut with a monster. But most importantly -the subsequent division bioschit turned a replica of Tsubasa - fun and very girly Hikaru. So Tsubasa found twin sister, her life is filled with warmth and participation, which she was so hvatalo.Poskolku remaining five eggs of magic scattered all over Hokkaido, Didi remains on Earth, in order to prevent their calls.Before the arrival of reinforcements he has to rely only on the Tsubasa and Hikaru. After all, only Figure 17 under the force of the monsters away with...

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Figure 17 Tsubasa amp Hikaru Figure 17 Figure 17 Tsubasa and
Figure 17 Tsubasa amp Hikaru Figure 17 Figure 17 Tsubasa and
Figure 17 Tsubasa amp Hikaru Figure 17 Figure 17 Tsubasa and
Figure 17 Tsubasa amp Hikaru Figure 17 Figure 17 Tsubasa and
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Anime Figure 17 Tsubasa amp H
Anime Figure 17 (TV) (Figure 17 Tsubasa amp Hikaru) 2001 O