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Image for anime mult Fate/Zero

Year: 2011

Genre: adventures, seinen, fantasy

Type: tv_series

Producer: Aoki Ei

Autor: Urobuchi Gen

Studio: Ufo Table

Time: 25 min

Description of Fate/Zero

Two hundred years ago three powerful clans created in the distant lands of Japan town Fuyuki magical scene of the battle for the Holy Grail. The meaning of ritual is simple - seven participants, Mages, whose name is the Masters, according to the will call the Grail itself from Akashi,world ether, servant soldiers - heroes of the past and future. No further rules, and only one must remain. Him and get the greatest artifact that will fulfill any wish of the winner. This is only the first three of the war ended in total destruction of the parties and have not reached the goal. Coming fourth war,and this time all the signs say - the Holy Grail will be revealed and will gain a host! The heirs of the founders of the different approaches to the new stage of the game. Tokiomi, head of the clan Tohsaka, is in the prime of life and intends to personally fight for victory. The second clan has degenerated, and his fighter Kariya Matou almost devoid of magical powers. Clan Einzbern,the last of the trio, to improve the chances beforehand accepted into their ranks the famous killer magician by the name of Kiritsugu Emiya. And the Grail chose among the players an English lord, his thieving apprentice serial killer and a young priest. It is difficult to say about holiness, but with political correctness in the series of authors exactly all right!

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