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Fate/Zero 2

Image for anime mult Fate/Zero 2

Year: 2012

Genre: adventures, fantasy, seinen

Type: tv_series

Producer: Aoki Ei

Autor: Urobuchi Gen

Studio: Ufo Table

Time: 25 min

Description of Fate/Zero 2

Fourth Holy Grail War, the greatest magic ritual designed to resolve the fate of the world, is entering the final phase. Never before on the battlefield did not go as mighty warriors, Servants, and magicians Wizards were their matched. Most Masters know that in this war, someone is destined to get the Grail, and therefore, as reasonable people,They ignored the rules and started from the very first hours actively deceive, to expose and kill both enemies and allies. The ranks are thinning the participants, and the battle is already impossible to hide from strangers, because due to the monsters is about to demolish the small town of Fuyuki to the ground. So, a long time acquaintance behind masks dropped,the strengths and weaknesses of each Master and Servant known. We learned how the story started, and we know how it will end. It remains only to enjoy the fact that it was in the middle!

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