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Image for anime mult Fate/Prototype

Year: 2011

Genre: adventures, mysticism

Type: ova, short

Producer: Saeki Shouji

Autor: Mattsu

Studio: Lerche

Time: 12 min

Description of Fate/Prototype

The main character, Ayaka Saydzhou, unlike Shiro Emiya knows very well what she was getting into, but do not want to become a master, and to participate in the War of the Holy Grail.Even after the attack on her Lancer and Saber appearance she still does not want to fight - is occasionally slips into her conversation. She understands more clearly and alter personalities during the trailer, but it is clearly not similar to the pattern of the "heroic fool-defense," that we have seen in Shiro. It may even be for the better - as anyone.Based on the initial conversation and some things to the heroine`s something going on, and she is in danger, to which clearly involved a local archer, almost exactly a Gilgamesh (We do not know exactly whether Archer here is Gilgamesh, unlike Saber Arthur)

Images and photos of Fate/Prototype

Caster (FatePrototype)   Zerochan Anime Image Board_28
Fate Prototype (Legendado)   YouTube_24
FatePrototype, Fanart  page 6   Zerochan Anime Image Board_12
FatePrototype, Fanart   Zerochan Anime Image Board_4
FatePrototype, Fanart   Zerochan Anime Image Board_6
FatePrototype Ayaka Sajyou amp Saber  My cosplays  Pinterest_21
FatePrototypeFragments of Blue and Silver_29
Fate  Prototype image   [anime amp manga]   Mod DB_18
FatePrototype Isemi and Rider  Fate Series  Pinterest_14
FatePrototype   Misaya Reiroukan and Lancer  AnimeMangaManhwa ..._13
FatePrototype   My Anime Shelf_23
FatePrototype   My Anime Shelf_25
FatePrototype   My Anime Shelf_27
FatePrototype Reiroukan Misaya  Fate Series  Pinterest_15
FatePrototype Saber amp Manaka  World of miracles  Pinterest_3
Fatestay night#1151039   Zerochan_20
Rider (FatePrototype)   Zerochan Anime Image Board_5
Rider (FatePrototype)   Zerochan Anime Image Board_22
Rider from FatePrototype. His true identity is Perseus  Type ..._7
Saber (Arthur)  FatePrototype #anime  Fate Series  Pinterest ..._16
Saber (FatePrototype), Fanart  page 2   Zerochan Anime Image Board_11
Saber (Fateprototype) Fateprototype Fate (series) world ..._ 26
Saber amp Ayaka  FatePrototype #anime  Fate Series  Pinterest ..._10
What is FatePrototype   YouTube_8
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