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False Love

Image for anime mult False Love

Year: 2014

Genre: romance, shounen, harem

Type: tv_series

Producer: Shinbo Akiyuki

Autor: Komi Naoshi

Studio: Shaft

Time: 24 min

Description of False Love

Cancer Ichijo childhood friends with one girl. The boys exchanged childhood dreams and promises, and then broke up,Cancer and literally sealed the memories of the castle, which is hung around the neck, and the key left darling. Why did he do? Because the son and heir of the clan Syuey -gumi is not going to engage in this nonsense, and wants to become a lawyer - they, unlike the old-fashioned yakuza, absolutely everyone is afraid! So Ichijo not to sentiment - it is necessary to learn, Which he did until the day when he met at school Titoge Kirisaki - harsh and frivolous beauty, half-breed, start dating with a knee strike to the forehead. And it turned out to be the creation of blond girl his future! Alas, nothing else, because Titoge - the daughter of the boss of the gang, " The Beehive ", invading the territory Syuey -gumi. Although the two leaders - old friends,the situation gets out of control, and the only way to avoid street war - declare that the heirs of both clans, fell in love and, therefore, and the yakuza, and visiting gangsters are now one big family. Many in the media have questioned the gang a statement of the problem, which means that the children will have to try, even through the "can not"! However,even imitating love, and Cancer Titoge still started to communicate, to get closer to each other, and then it turned out that the girl from his childhood kept interesting key. But there are similar key and their classmates Onodera, and then some others came... Yes, they are that, in Japan, all the keys go?!

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