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Eyeshield 21

Image for anime mult Eyeshield 21

Year: 2005

Genre: comedy, shounen, school

Type: tv_series

Producer: Nishida Masayoshi

Autor: Murata Yuusuke

Studio: Studio Gallop

Time: 22 min

Description of Eyeshield 21

Spineless hilyak Sena has always been the object of abuse and ridicule in elementary school. He could neither endure beatings, let alone repulse plagued him Nha ganam. The only thing the poor man has learned over the years of humiliation, it is... to escape. And the "skill" Seny has evolved to such a degree,that in an emergency can develop his feet almost the speed of light. The storm of high school, in which he had just entered, Hiruma, forcibly makes a guy to join the local team of American football. Still, do not disappear as such a talent! And now the team three people and cute doggie Hiruma (!) - Cerberus...This sports comedy to revive the faint of heart faith in yourself, even sullen and uncooperative make laugh at the mad Hiruma tricks and just will be a good pastime.

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