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Excel Saga

Image for anime mult Excel Saga

Year: 1999

Genre: parody, seinen, comedy

Type: tv_series

Producer: Watanabe Shinichi

Autor: Rikudou Koushi

Studio: J C Staff

Time: 24 min

Description of Excel Saga

"Parallel " modern Japan. F Prefecture, the city F.Perfect secret organization " Akrossa " under the direction of the fatal handsome Ilpalatstsio preparing to take over the world and cleanse it from contamination. The first step to achieve this great goal Ilpalatstsio considers F. town capturing two subordinates in the possession of Ilpalatstsio: hyperactive Excel, which is driven by boundless love for Ilpalatstsio,and Hyatt, where nothing moves, as it dies at the time of the minimum voltage. In accordance with the orders of the chief of the girls are hired for all kinds of working part-time, trying to earn money for the " Akrossa " and implement plans to capture the city. And he Ilpalatstsio as Excel and Hyatt are working, suffering from idleness: learning to play guitar, Playing video games... (c) Qwerty,

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