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eX-Driver the- Movie

Image for anime mult eX-Driver the- Movie

Year: 2002

Genre: comedy, sport, shounen

Type: ova

Producer: Nishimori Akira

Autor: Fujishima Kousuke

Studio: Actas Inc

Time: 63 min

Description of eX-Driver the- Movie

After the victory in the qualifying round at home, Lisa, Lorna Get off and grown to a world championship for-driven and provided there team Japan. However, as an omen of further failures, they met on the first day spacey car.After quite successful and it stops almost complete calm the nerves, they drove more and the local police. The evil police, rage decided to delay their car for a day. However, even this is not all the problems are over. Gone sponsor Team USA daughter, Angela. Lorna remembered that Angela was raging in a wheelbarrow. Before Get off suddenly realized,that Angela would be in danger, and it is a little pospasat. But here popyorli and get off, thereby giving others to understand that in any case will have to save both. Meanwhile, located in Shed custody Get off reveals a strong link between the latest incidents and black tote to match x-driven.Now come together with Angela have run out of the barn and tell about all the world.. (c)

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