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Image for anime mult eX-Driver

Year: 2001

Genre: adventures, comedy, fiction

Type: ova

Producer: Kawagoe Jun

Autor: Fujishima Kousuke

Studio: Actas Inc

Time: 24 min

Description of eX-Driver

They are the only ones in the entire metropolis fluent skills to manage any kind of technology, which has the steering wheel, gas and brake. With the help of high-speed cars, sharp mind and marksmanship they come to the aid who are in a mechanical trap people. Let me introduce you to the main characters. Their three. They are young and full of energy.Lisa Sakakini - an aggressive type of girl, tomboy, managing powerful car to match his explosive nature. Lorna Endo - more calm and graceful young girl, in fact, " think tank " team. And Souchi Sugano, a boy, but at the same time ingenious driver - mechanic, a perfect "feel " of your four-wheeled friend.This trio is absolutely not similar to each other characters. Persistent conflicts arising in connection with this added to the series a fun bit of humor. But no matter how much inflamed conflict with each other at crucial moments they perfectly cope with the most difficult situations.Whether it`s " kooky " taxi or stubbornly moving towards an unknown goal, destroying the way of everything, local television truck. Risking his own life, guys protect peace citizens. Throughout the series we have to watch the pretty active personal life and work of the Trinity.

Images and photos of eX-Driver

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