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Eureka Seven Astral Ocean

Image for anime mult Eureka Seven Astral Ocean

Year: 2012

Genre: adventures, mechanism, fiction

Type: tv_series

Producer: Kyouda Tomoki

Autor: Takeyoshi Kakuto

Studio: Bones

Time: 25 min

Description of Eureka Seven Astral Ocean

The story is set on an isolated island Iwado located near Okinawa, where the growing mass movement to return the autonomous government. The island is home to old Dr. Toshio along with 13-year-old kid named Ao Fukai, who lost his father. Ao`s mother was kidnapped by unknown persons about 10 years ago.Just live near Naru Arata - Ao longtime childhood friend and part-time heroine of history, living with his father, sister and grandmother. It has a mystical power, "Utah", awaken in an accident in early childhood.Soon, within the island there is a mysterious organization called "Secret" and immediately begins to attack, placed there deposits Skab Koran. Trying to whatever was to protect native island, Ao sneaks aboard the Japanese military transporter, and starts there LPO, more commonly known, how Nirvash (c) Shadow909.

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