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Embracing Love

Image for anime mult Embracing Love

Year: 2005

Genre: romance, drama, boys

Type: ova

Producer: Nitta Yoshikata

Autor: Nitta Youka

Studio: Trinet Entertainment

Time: 30 min

Description of Embracing Love

Iwaki and Kato are both very popular, both recognized as the most beautiful actors and, of course, they are rivals and competitors for the highest ratings. They do not like each other and are constantly fighting.Iwaki Kato said the boy, as he under him, and Cato did not believe in the talent and success of Iwaki. Once both of them are invited to audition for the movie on the novel by popular author Sava Nagisa "In his hands he held a spring." Two actors and need to choose one. Sawa Nagisa being more and producer of the film,satisfied with the kind of test the actors, after which chooses Iwaki. Although the victory is obtained ambiguous...

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