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Elfen Lied

Image for anime mult Elfen Lied

Year: 2004

Genre: tragedy, horrors, psychology

Type: tv_series

Producer: Kanbe Mamoru

Autor: Okamoto Lynn

Studio: Arms

Time: 25 min

Description of Elfen Lied

Kota (Kouta) after a long absence he returned to priokeansky city in which he lives his cousin and childhood friend Yuka. Cat is going to study at a community college. And Yuka, from an early age not indifferent to him,of course, it comes to the same. Her family has provided accommodation to the guy in a former small hotel, with the proviso that he would look after her and clean up the room. When in the evening a couple strolling along the beach, the water came out to meet them naked girl with fiery hair and small horns, which could not utter a single word,except touching "Nude". She looked so helpless and innocent that Kota averted stranger, he and Yuka and nicknamed Niu, to his home. The guys did not even know that they gave shelter deadly female mice dikloniusa, Lucy,on the mutilated bodies of two dozen security guards to break free from the experimental laboratory and wanted by the police and special forces with orders to shoot to kill. Dikloniusy - similar to people mutants, considered God`s chosen ones and capable of destroying the entire human race. Besides the small horns that resemble ears of elves,they have "vectors" - fast as the light, invisible hands several meters long. These vectors are capable to cause terrible damage and catch bullets in flight, as well as have other functions. It is not difficult to understand why such individuals were kept under the strictest security. But escape Lucy was doubly dangerous because itUnlike other dikloniusov, he had the ability to procreate. When you escape from the laboratory, situated on a steep bank of the ocean, Lucy got a sniper bullet in the head, but that did not prevent her to go into the water. This, as well as some other factors have led to an aggravation of the inherent many dikloniusam mental illness - a split personality. As a result,clever, but extremely vicious Lucy suddenly changed touching adorable nude infant child with the mind, not to say moronic. It is this metamorphosis and baffled guys who pretty sheltered stranger got into the whirlpool of incredible events. After gentle Niu could at any moment turn into a deadly demon Lucy...

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