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Elf Princess Rane

Image for anime mult Elf Princess Rane

Year: 1995

Genre: adventures, comedy

Type: ova

Producer: Daichi Akitarou

Autor: Okazaki Tsuguo

Studio: Aic

Time: 29 min

Description of Elf Princess Rane

From the beginning, we see a sort of prostachёk who believes in everything that is said or written about the treasures in the pages of various magazines and books,getting out of it in a variety of dangerous situations, but as they say: " Fools are always lucky " (though so call it the language does not turn, but a fan - at the time), and he manages to escape... but do not forget that his antics have cost all across the throat acre relatives:)), but what about the devastation that followed at his heels,and can not speak. Of course, as each character of this genre had to be a girl, and it is,)), that`s just it means to him just as much as women - for pilots (hint understand ^ _ ^?). Also worth noting, and seven would-be treasure hunt, which in addition parents have a " car with a cart " sestёr-twins (by my conservative estimate of their 8 -NIL, it may be a lot more), working in various fields, in general, relations enough, and besides, the sisters are always ready to stand up for his unfortunate brother. You can not pass by such characters as Zensyuin (Feng Shui expert, the right hand the head of the company Yumenokata,amusement park developer) with its gipermodnoy sverhubiystvennoy hairstyle and manner of speech and butler Konishi, whose faces can cause an attack of wild laughter)). Now imagine what happens if you add an elf in this salad is not simple, and tiny, terribly kawaii, and also a female,speaker for simple human ear God knows what (below this point will be discussed in more detail)... But this is not enough... the authors inspired by " otaku " muse ("... my thoughts - my horses... "), they are stuffing there megakavaynuyu witch, hungry elven krovushki... (I strongly advise fans screenshots.. especially that moment,where it poses giperkavaynuyu evil a face showing not obscure worldwide, stupid American mark...).

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