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Ef ~ A Tale of Melodies~

Image for anime mult Ef ~ A Tale of Melodies~

Year: 2008

Genre: drama, mysticism, seinen

Type: tv_series

Producer: Oonuma Shin

Autor: Kikuchi Hideyuki

Studio: Shaft

Time: 25 min

Description of Ef ~ A Tale of Melodies~

Tests Heroes first season ended successfully thanks to the help of the invisible Yuko and Himuro - mysterious guardians of the North and South of the city. But where these two right and the power to interfere in other people`s lives? The second season provides an answer to this question,Keepers of telling the story of the early childhood and school years, the tragic story in which the intertwined fate of all the other characters of the series. At the intersection of the past and the future and develops a different story - of love violinist Kudze, surviving the last days, and the young Mizuki, which can become the new darling, if not retreat,do not betray yourself and overcome all obstacles. " Ef - History tunes " - stylistically flawless canvas, in which the creators invite the viewer to look beyond the bounds of the possible and show that it is capable of any person with a pure heart. The second season brings together all the story lines and gives finally understand that the two cities,in which the action takes place - a reflection of each other, the symbols of earthly and unearthly, transcendent and everyday, and live in them are the same people, the same as we are.

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