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Image for anime mult Earthian

Year: 1989

Genre: boys, drama, fantasy

Type: ova

Producer: Oonuki Kenichi|kogawa Yoriyasu

Autor: Kouga Yun

Studio: J C Staff

Time: 30 min

Description of Earthian

A long time ago the angels watching people. To decide whether or not to give people a chance to live on or to arrange a doomsday pair of angels sent to Earth. Their duties include counting the good deeds and sins of the people. The fate of humanity is in their hands. " Earthling " - a reflection of the people as a whole. That makes us human.About our weakness and joy, love and hate. About that, what it is in the human world, and how it looks from the outside. Earth through the eyes of the angels who, in spite of the harsh laws of the winged race, can not remain simply bystanders.

Images and photos of Earthian

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