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Image for anime mult Durarara!!

Year: 2010

Genre: romance, psychology, action

Type: tv_series

Producer: Oomori Takahiro

Autor: Narita Ryougo

Studio: Brains Base

Time: 25 min

Description of Durarara!!

Ryugamine Mikado, in spite of the big name (it means " Emperor Dragon Mountain ") - a quiet and unassuming man.For a time he lived in bezvylazno metropolitan suburb, and wild parties and night walks prefer to communicate via the Internet. But the hero suddenly wanted a new - and here, on the advice of a childhood friend, he translated into high Ryo school that is located in Ikebukuro - one of the most hilarious and dangerous areas of Tokyo. Arriving there,Mikado if dipped into a different world, and an old friend Masaomi, like Virgil, gradually leading the guest deeper on the tiers of the new home... Very soon the new settler Ikebukuro learns that you want to live - learn to spin, street gangs are no longer acting up still, Russian Negro Simon - world guy, but the local bully Shizuo better not fall under the arm.And when Mikado sees urban legend - Rider - without - head, finally understands that did not come in vain. From now on, the main character becomes a part of the big city, and we will be able to observe his life and exciting adventures among school friends, street thugs and network, black market dealers, stalkers,maniacs and supernatural beings!

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