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Dragons II: The Metal Ages

Image for anime mult Dragons II: The Metal Ages

Year: 2005

Genre: adventures, fiction

Type: tv_series

Producer: Nakamura Ryutaro

Autor: Shigusawa Keiichi

Studio: A C G T

Time: min

Description of Dragons II: The Metal Ages

The world of men is threatening horde of evil dragons, the head of the army Odaka enemy. King encourages good dragons, and his army, and reluctantly goes to war. Dev Prince and Princess Kira by Gorhaty rebels, fighting all oddsto ensure the survival of humanity in the difficult struggle against the evil dragons. At a time when dragons and humans share the Earth, really unchallenged power can only like... Note: Based on the popular series of toys Mega units, the animated fantasy adventure brings the viewer into the Middle Ages. In the world,which was divided between dragons and humans.

Images and photos of Dragons II: The Metal Ages

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