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Dragon Half

Image for anime mult Dragon Half

Year: 1993

Genre: comedy, fantasy, seinen

Type: ova

Producer: Sadamitsu Shinya

Autor: Mita Ryuusuke

Studio: Production I G

Time: 25 min

Description of Dragon Half

Mink - cute dragon halfling (poluchelovek / half-dragon), which made??the fate of the curve falling in love with the famous and beloved by all of the singer. Krivost destiny manifested in the factthat her beloved concurrently was a famous hunter of dragons, and his dream was to hang his head Mink on the wall as a trophy. The only hope Mink becomes finding the elixir that can make it a complete human being, and it is ready to achieve this do anything. Full splendid humor and action,These series of track search Mink elixir and at the same time, the search for its most hunter dragons.

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