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Dragon Crisis!

Image for anime mult Dragon Crisis!

Year: 2011

Genre: mysticism, ecchi, romance

Type: tv_series

Producer: Tachibana Hideki

Autor: Kidzaki Kaia

Studio: Xebec

Time: 25 min

Description of Dragon Crisis!

The family of 15 -year-old Kisaragi Ryuji - treasure hunters. Not surprisingly, the relatives of the hero in the eternal expeditions, and the guy is living quietly alone,not paying, by the way, attention to the feeling of modest classmate Misaki It. The quiet life ended with the arrival of America`s older cousin named Nanao Eriko, reckless even by the standards of the family. In the middle of the summer holidays Eriko girl with outstanding intelligence and other advantages, shot Ryuji take away a suitcase with valuable cargo izunder the noses of Fangs gang - people are quite serious. During the chase and shootout suitcase was opened and revealed to the world... a charming young creature! Having escaped from the bandits, young adventurers have found three things - first, they got the girl - dragon that looks similar to the eight-year child, and mind - to the infant. Secondly, it otkuda-He knows and loves Ryuji - actually, his name and makes all her nemudreny vocabulary. Third, shelters unexpected guest (they called Rose), Ryuji and Eriko doomed themselves to close contact with the dragon nation, werewolves, and fellow mobsters dangerous hobby. One hopes that the Rose, which (like all dragons) quickly learns,be able to clarify the situation. Although some clarity here - to stay alive!

Images and photos of Dragon Crisis!

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