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DPR Special Movie

Image for anime mult DPR Special Movie

Year: 2013

Genre: daily, science_fiction

Type: ona

Producer: Gotou Keiji

Autor: Iwahata Goichi

Studio: White Fox

Time: 7 min

Description of DPR Special Movie

Meteorologists and weather forecasters around the world regularly mistaken. Humanity is so used to the inaccuracy of weather that they do not believe more than the predictions of astrologers.But for some countries the population warning of impending disasters - not a luxury but the only way to survive. Japan refers specifically to this part of the globe. Such a large number of earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions and typhoons, not to mention the annual seasons of heavy rains and the hellish heat, probably,It does not have to experience any state of the world. Even America, which too often « zahazhivayut " visit hurricanes and tornadoes, can not compete with Japan. Now,US NASA (National Aeronautics and management of space exploration), together with JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency) have come up with a special weather radar that allows to predict changes in weather conditions, up to several hours.This invention is the subject of this short film, which tells about a Japanese employee of the laboratory, which was extremely interested in the successful completion of the experiment, because her sister was going to marry and unexpected rain could spoil the wedding ceremony outdoors.

Images and photos of DPR Special Movie

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DPR Special Movie (Anime, 2013, Web)_7
DPR Special Movie (Anime, 2013, Web)_8
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DPR Special Movie (Anime, 2013, Web)_24
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