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Image for anime mult D.N.Angel

Year: 2003

Genre: comedy, romance, mysticism

Type: tv_series

Producer: Habara Nobuyoshi

Autor: Sugisaki Yukiru

Studio: Xebec

Time: 25 min

Description of D.N.Angel

Daisuke Niwa - boy of the clan Niva.This clan from generation to generation is passed to the ability to become a legendary thief Darko - an angel with black wings and a noble heart. Niwa clan engaged in that stolen works of art by other hostile clan - Hikari. Hikari put life into their work, so that they could awaken the curse.Long ago Hikari created a magnificent work - Black Wings. Niwa had a ritual to seal located therein curse. But the ritual was not finished. As a result, there were two beings belonging to different clans - Dark Black Wing of the White-winged Niva and evil by stealing from hitokiri. In the fourteenth day in the Dark Daisuke awakened."Activation" should serve as a portrait of the beloved - Risa Harada. Daisuke found out that to get rid of the Dark (unpleasant, when your body uses someone else), this girl must also love him. However, Reese is not loved Daisuke and Dark of seeing it on TV. At Daisuke did not go well personal life.Despite his positive qualities, he was quite distracted, and was not popular among girls. Reese thought he was a friend, but it was not enough. However, Riza was a twin sister, but the heart is variable...

Images and photos of D.N.Angel

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