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Divergence Eve

Image for anime mult Divergence Eve

Year: 2003

Genre: comedy, adventures, fiction

Type: tv_series

Producer: Takada Jun

Autor: Tsukumo Takumi

Studio: Tokyo Kids

Time: 25 min

Description of Divergence Eve

In 2300 with the opening of "Bridge" in curved space it became possible travel beyond the solar system using gipersvetovogo ID- engine. In deep space, at a distance of ten parsecs from Earth, is the station " jack of the beholder ", providing job - ID engine in this direction. Kureha Misaki,newcomer to the ranks of a special organization, also known as " Seraphim ", after the training course within the solar system has reached its destination, " Jack beholder " station, along with three other cadets - Suzanne, Lusandoroy and Kiri. However, by way of greeting, they are faced with the invasion of " ghouls " -hideous creatures from a parallel universe, who came through the " Bridge ».

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