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Dirty Pair TV

Image for anime mult Dirty Pair TV

Year: 1985

Genre: adventures, fiction, comedy

Type: tv_series

Producer: Takizawa Toshifumi

Autor: Takachiho Haruka

Studio: Toei Animation

Time: 24 min

Description of Dirty Pair TV

Still, it`s great! Of course, the severe restrictions on the production of TV- series left their mark (released two years later, ten OVA series are finished much better and the plot, and on the details), but the initial shot carries a huge stock of cheerfulness and joy. This is a consequence of the idea of??Dirty Pair,and still take my hat off in front of her creators. Classic - not in the age of antiquity, and in harmony performance. And it was necessary to manage the implementation of the idea is not to slide on the slippery slope replication situations and primitivism (as at the date of issue hard especially difficult). And they did it! Particularly successful ending.And general corporate somersault under the curtain, and a variety of shades and intonations - and emphasizing the basic idea (the planet and the forest of the police station especially pleased, but the first thing is headquartered WWWA set the bar), and a little with sadness (chest hair) and fun (Mugi melancholic at the device) and elegant (an accurate shot to the castle)and lyric [s, garlic, these roses! ^ _ ^ ], And tragic (two small dipping Robe...) and evil (exposed drawn Kay eye). Just some fireworks! And above all this splendor reigns kind smile authors with a slight squint, especially valuable in our difficult everyday life.

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