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Digimon Xros Wars

Image for anime mult Digimon Xros Wars

Year: 2010

Genre: comedy, adventures, forchildren

Type: tv_series

Producer: Endo Tetsuya

Autor: Hongou Akiyoshi

Studio: Brains Base

Time: 22 min

Description of Digimon Xros Wars

There is no peace in the digital world - a sinister Bagurianskaya Empire begins another aggressive campaign. Towards Imperial Army Green is the country, its inhabitants, Digimon fight as they can, but... the end is near. That`s just mysterious powers given to the Japanese seventh graders Taiki Kudo hear the desperate cry Shautmona,Green leader of the country - and the fate of a millstone turned again. Kudo, a simple and honest man, nobody refused to help, accepted the mission, and taking for the company long-standing girlfriend Akari and self-styled rival Dzendziro, I went to a new world! Heroes were right on the battlefield, but in time realized what was happening. It turned out,Taiki received from unknown patrons Miracle Cross, the instrument with multiple functions, including providing Digi-Cross - merging new friend Shautmona and other Digimon into a powerful fighting unit. Dropping Imperial, guests and owners quickly realize that celebrate early - the fight is just beginning. Now Tayki- teamShautmona must unravel the secrets of the new digital world, meet other players from Earth and conquer finally the Empire. Otherwise it is possible and for the new school year will not be back!

Images and photos of Digimon Xros Wars

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