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Di Gi Charat TV

Image for anime mult Di Gi Charat TV

Year: 1999

Genre: comedy

Type: tv_series

Producer: Sakurai Hiroaki

Autor: Koge Donbo

Studio: Madhouse Studios

Time: 5 min

Description of Di Gi Charat TV

Characters Di Gi Charat first appeared in «From Gamers» magazine (advertising publication shop «Gamers» in Akihabara) in July 1998.In August of the same year, Di Gi Charat (Dedziko) and HEMA were the heroes of comics Gema Gema authored by Koge-Domb. Subsequently Dedziko became the mascot store «Gamers». Initially Dedziko and its companion HEMA appeared in a commercial store, accompanied by the song "Welcome!" by Hiroko Kato.The popularity of "Welcome!" spodvigla producer Tetsuo Gensё to shoot the miniseries, instead of the expected advertising unit.

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