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Image for anime mult D.Gray-man

Year: 2006

Genre: horrors, shounen, steampunk

Type: tv_series

Producer: Nabeshima Osamu

Autor: Hoshino Katsura

Studio: Tms Entertainment

Time: 24 min

Description of D.Gray-man

The action takes place in an alternate 19th-century Europe.At this time, there is a secret war between the Holy Millennial Earl and exorcist of the Dark Order. The Millennium Earl - Akuma creator - beings of a complex mechanism, and sealed within him the human soul - aims to destroy the world. According to the prophecy, written in a kind of Cuba,Count existed seven thousand years ago, and was defeated by some pure power (Innocence), but the price was the destruction of the world, known in the Bible as the Universal Flood and Noah`s Ark. The protagonist - Allen Walker, a gray-haired Akuma cursed boy without a past and see the future, who is sharpening a tooth minions Count - The family of Noah.According to knowledge of Noah `s family, these are the people that contain genes Noah, do they call themselves " the highest apostles called by God." They have many years of searching for a kind heart pure force, and then the fun begins...

Images and photos of D.Gray-man

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