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Image for anime mult De:vadasy

Year: 2000

Genre: mechanism, adventures, ecchi

Type: ova

Producer: Kondo Nobuhiro

Autor: Fujita Kazumi

Studio: Aic

Time: 30 min

Description of De:vadasy

At the Earth was attacked by aliens, nanobots. Kay and Naoki - childhood friends - come from Special Forces Spirits, which trained pilots for the Devadasi - a robot that can fight and stop the aliens. This robot has found Kay`s grandfather, but all of its features have not studied...The cost of ignorance can be a life... For the convenience of the pilot series were combined into a single video clip.

Images and photos of De:vadasy

anime + de Many video_24
anime + de Many video_25
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Devadasy (Anime, 2000, OVA)_5
Devadasy (Anime, 2000, OVA)_8
Devadasy (Anime, 2000, OVA)_9
Devadasy (Anime, 2000, OVA)_11
Devadasy (Anime, 2000, OVA)_12
Devadasy (Anime, 2000, OVA)_13
Devadasy (Anime, 2000, OVA)_14
Devadasy (Anime, 2000, OVA)_15
Devadasy (Anime, 2000, OVA)_16
Devadasy (Anime, 2000, OVA)_19
Devadasy (Anime, 2000, OVA)_20
Devadasy (Anime, 2000, OVA)_23
Devadasy (Anime, 2000, OVA)_28
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