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Detonator Orgun

Image for anime mult Detonator Orgun

Year: 1991

Genre: mechanism, adventures, fiction

Type: ova

Producer: Obari Masami

Autor: Kakinuma Hideki

Studio: Artmic Studios|aic

Time: 50 min

Description of Detonator Orgun

Distant future. The Terrans have colonized the Moon,Mars and went beyond the solar system. In the center of the story a young man named Tomori. He always wanted more than just a job in a prestigious company, which has promised him a brother. Peers do not understand it. And he feels that he has a more important mission. In parallel, we are introduced to Orgunom - alien warriorwho betrayed his race for that would protect the land. He gives his life for the people, but of death itself makes a duplicate, which will work only connecting to Tomori. Well, after all without a hitch. Evoldery - Orguna tribesmen - they are beginning to besiege the Earth. And in the hands of a mysterious and Tomori Orguna. But no one knows the stranger goals. Perhaps it will protect mankind side.

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