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Detective Conan

Image for anime mult Detective Conan

Year: 1996

Genre: romance, shounen, drama

Type: ongoing, tv_series

Producer: Sato Masato|ochi Hirohito

Autor: Aoyama Goushou

Studio: Tms Entertainment

Time: 25 min

Description of Detective Conan

Anyone know a man - or a woman is involved, or the world`s problems! As soon as 17 -year-old Shinichi Kudo on a walk with a childhood friend Ran Mori distracted by acts of suspicious persons as evil thugs captured him and forced to take a strange pillMan who turned in a 7- year-old boy. Miraculously surviving Kudo rushed for help to the other, but even a genius professor Aghasi could not do anything. And when the house burst into the professor Ran excited and asked a strange child, who he was, the poor fellow could only glide look at the bookshelves and squeeze, " Conan Edogawa... ".Go against the sinister Black Syndicate - not a joke, but the characters and did not think to retreat. Kudo `s parents left the country and settled Conan kid in the family Mori, along with your favorite Ran and Kogoro her father, a former police officer. Thanks to our own originality mind Relations Kogoro and support professors malchik-a detective with the friends actively involved in the investigation of crimes and the crime of Japan purification. But the main issue of the series is simple - whether young Edogawa can overcome the enemy plans before beloved Ran realized with someone living under the same roof?

Images and photos of Detective Conan

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