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Denpateki na Kanojo

Image for anime mult Denpateki na Kanojo

Year: 2009

Genre: drama, action, detective

Type: ova

Producer: Kanbe Mamoru

Autor: Katayama Kentaro

Studio: Brains Base

Time: 42 min

Description of Denpateki na Kanojo

High school student Ju Dzyudzava strong, resolute and courageous. He did not succumb to the fights, it does not bend under the charter school, in short, a true master of life. Probably because of the strength of his personality to the Ju and cling Girls: who cling to chicanery as mayor Fujishima, who flirts,a classmate Satsuki and Otibana Ame went on all - he swore fealty! And while Dzyudzava dealt with girlish advances on the streets sports maniac: killing bystanders and puts photos of the victims were still alive on the Internet...

Images and photos of Denpateki na Kanojo

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