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Demon City Shinjuku

Image for anime mult Demon City Shinjuku

Year: 1988

Genre: mysticism, shounen, adventures

Type: ova

Producer: Kawajiri Yoshiaki

Autor: Kikuchi Hideyuki

Studio: Madhouse Studios

Time: 78 min

Description of Demon City Shinjuku

Tokyo. Near future.In the towns it is cruel evil - a certain Levi Ra created a demonic town Shindzhyuku, in the heart of Tokyo - and he`s not going to stop there! His goal - to destroy the entire planet, and left only three days to implement his plans! For years, no one dared to cross the fetid pit that Ra and his gang,consisting of street thugs, monsters, and other debris, the city built around the Demon. Desperate to save his father, the young, the beautiful Sayaka Rama recruits to his side Kёyu, Tokyo experienced teenager. Two boldly go to Demon City, where they meet a mysterious character called Mephisto,whose healing power saved them from death.

Images and photos of Demon City Shinjuku

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