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Death Billiards

Image for anime mult Death Billiards

Year: 2013

Genre: mysticism, adventures, seinen

Type: ova

Producer: Tachikawa Yuzuru

Autor: Tachikawa Yuzuru

Studio: Madhouse Studios

Time: 30 min

Description of Death Billiards

Now you have to play the game. What would it be for the game - solve roulette.The stakes will be your life. When a person dies, he can not turn back time and change their destiny, both past and future. However, there are those who have given the last chance. Such people come to the club, " Quinn Dekim ", where they are invited to play a game. The game can be any, it randomly selects a tape.But most importantly, it will determine the future path of the player. The two strangers: a young man, just knowing all the joy of life, who wants to get back to the girl and her merry old days and old grandfather, enjoying the fact that he has: the ability to drink, eat,to communicate with his beloved wife and quietly live their remaining years. In the roulette game will fall to them in the pool. " Do not try to get out of here. Refuse from the game I will strongly recommend. The stakes in this game - your life. More I can not say anything ».

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