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Dear Boys

Image for anime mult Dear Boys

Year: 2003

Genre: sport, shounen, school

Type: tv_series

Producer: Kudo Susumu

Autor: Yagami Hiroki

Studio: A C G T

Time: 24 min

Description of Dear Boys

Jolly and restless Aikawa Kazuhiko - captain and top scorer Tendodzi basketball team champion Japan among high schools.However, after a disagreement with the coach, he has decided to leave the prestigious club, and change residence, and with it the institution. In his new school Mizuho guy immediately wanted to join the school basketball team, but to his surprise found that the youth team is not functioning for almost a year,Although the girls team has long been a champion of the district. The fact that in the past the conflict leading player with an authoritarian coach led to the scandal that ended with removal Mizuho strong youth team for a year of the competition, and after the release of high-end basketball only four left in the whole school.Parish Aikawa radically changed the situation - his cheerful disposition, perseverance and love of basketball hot melted ice to harden the hearts of former players. With the active assistance of girls basketball and wise trenersha Kyoko Himuro Mizuho youth team revived an effort to regain lost time. And now,when in its ranks plays Star League Aikawa Kazuhiko, a dream to compete for the national championship title does not seem so unattainable...

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