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Dear Angel

Image for anime mult Dear Angel

Year: 2011

Genre: drama, music

Type: amv

Producer: Nabeshima Osamu

Autor: Aoyama Goushou

Studio: Tms Entertainment

Time: 4 min

Description of Dear Angel

About the video: Little girl chained to a hospital bed and deprived of many pleasures of life.Two loving brother, caring for his little sister. One of them protects her spiritual world. Another is trying to save her life. But time does not stand, and the fate of the cruel... but strong, good feelings do not go unnoticed. Nothing in this world happens for a reason! Even when choking despair and heart shrinks from the pain life goes on...and everything that does not kill us, makes it stronger. P.S. It was very nice and interesting to work in a team Ratio Unius Psychosis (Unified Theory Psychosis). All pleasant viewing!

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