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Deadman Wonderland

Image for anime mult Deadman Wonderland

Year: 2011

Genre: horrors, adventures, drama

Type: tv_series

Producer: Hatsumi Koichi

Autor: Kataoka Jinsei

Studio: Manglobe Inc

Time: 24 min

Description of Deadman Wonderland

After the monstrous earthquake that destroyed at the beginning of the XXI century almost all of Tokyo,Japanese society is terminally ill. Otherwise it is difficult to explain why 10 years later, in 2023, there was a huge theme park, part-time on the ruins of the capital - the country`s first private prison. According to the official version, the prisoners, instead of burdening society, engaged in socially useful work,and the collection of funds for the revival of Tokyo goes well. That`s just the audience, every day visit the country bomber, did not see (or do not want to see) that " competition " and " rides " the convicts die actually. And for the masters of life, which everyone understands - if you please: gladiator fights in the underground scene, experiments on humans, allin decent houses... In this formulation, the business needs a constant supply of fresh human material. Thundered on the bench and the usual grader Ganta Igarashi, the whole class is brutally destroyed the mysterious Red Man. Orphan Gantt survived, was announced the deadline and received a death sentence without unnecessary delay,and to delay him in prison need to be twisted by participating in local violent games. However, I have drawn a novice discovered that in prison you can live like the wild, would be the desire and ability. Gradually, the hero realized that someone really wanted to put him behind bars. And that means - it is necessary to find those who killed friends, framed him,and severely to pay. But who is there, in the Land of Wonders, the true puppet master?

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