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Dead Leaves

Image for anime mult Dead Leaves

Year: 2004

Genre: seinen, science_fiction, adventures

Type: ova, short

Producer: Imaishi Hiroyuki

Autor: Imai Toonz

Studio: Production I G

Time: 55 min

Description of Dead Leaves

Nice couple of thugs - leggy bombshell panda with a red spot around the right eye, with which she looks like a panda,and her friend with an old retro television in place of head - wake up in the open field in the buff, and no clue how they got there. Without hesitation, they are sent to the nearest town in search of food and clothing, where unbridled satisfied spree in the style of Bonnie and Clyde, killing and looting the frightened townspeople.After a breakneck chase them catch police and the couple are sent to the moon in the sinister prison "Dead Leaves" controlled cruel trinity - the formidable boss of the Galaxy and its subordinates fellow mutants 666 and 777, with a sadistic pleasure killing prisoners. In "Dead Leaves " Pandy and Retro learnthat prison is actually a top-secret factory clones, and its inmates - the results of genetic tests. The rebellious nature of the characters does not allow them to stay for a long time locked up, and with the help of fellow captive couple decided to arrange an escape. Things finally get confused when it turns,that suddenly became pregnant Pandey - actually demonic sister galaxy, the genetic material is wanted for the revival of their father... psychedelic extravaganza of colors and surreal images of sleepwalking in a completely reckless black comedy "Dead Leaves".

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