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Darkside Blues

Image for anime mult Darkside Blues

Year: 1994

Genre: psychology, drama, horrors

Type: special

Producer: Kogawa Yoriyasu

Autor: Kikuchi Hideyuki

Studio: J C Staff

Time: 84 min

Description of Darkside Blues

From the mirror travels dashing four horses. The one with the reins in his hands and the darkness in the heart and is the main character. His name is Darkseid. Darkness is not only in his heart. It is woven from it,It is a part of it, its apostle. She - his sword and shield. The amazing world of... The atmosphere of freedom and permissiveness, is home to the heroes of the film... and the lion`s share of the narrative takes place in the garbage heaps and blatant anarchy. Here, on the dark side, running the show has its own laws. High technology break the teeth of ancient sorcery.Tube alchemist dissolve five hunters and three robotic hounds, and the darkness did Darkseid and rich in miracles. Prepare for a meeting with terrorists, gangs, girl Mai - ringleader of one of the groups and family Hozuki, buying 90% of the earth`s surface. The peculiar spectacle. And remains unsurpassed.Second of the anime simply does not exist.

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