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Danball Senki

Image for anime mult Danball Senki

Year: 2011

Genre: adventures, forchildren, shounen

Type: tv_series

Producer: Takahashi Naohito

Autor: Hino Akihiro

Studio: Olm Incorporated

Time: 23 min

Description of Danball Senki

The action takes place in 2050. Now the latest technology prevalent in every corner of the world and is a leading factor in the development of method also changed radically after the invention of super-strong board of a special material, which do not operate virtually no destructive forces. Super-board are in demand more and more and soon it began to be used during the battle of special miniature LBX robots, which were previously banned because of their destructive power,but now gaining popularity again. The protagonist of the anime - Ban Yamano, 14-year-old schoolboy, an ardent fan of LBX battle. His friends - a computer genius and Amy Katz. Katz knows everything about programming robots, he`s an excellent tactician. Amy develops a strategy to combat Bana. Once Van Yamano becomes pilot LBX «AX-00"which gave him a mysterious woman, saying the transfer the following words: "In this box is the fate of all mankind. Never use its contents for evil purposes... »

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