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Image for anime mult Dallos

Year: 1983

Genre: fiction, shounen, mechanism

Type: ova

Producer: Oshii Mamoru

Autor: Toriumi Hisayuki

Studio: Studio Pierrot

Time: 30 min

Description of Dallos

In the future, mankind began to explore space. It starts relocation to a planet suitable for life, and the moon becomes a kind of Earth colony mining. People on the Moon working in the mines as slaves. Instead of names they are called by numbers engraved on the head is attached to the rings.But not all are willing to work for the benefit of hard earth. Are those who decide to achieve equality. And more and more people adjacent to the rebels. Then the government declares them the moon by criminals and terrorists to be destroyed. By chance, among them is our main character, an ordinary teenager Xiong,which will have to make hard choices.

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