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Dagger of Kamui

Image for anime mult Dagger of Kamui

Year: 1985

Genre: mysticism, shounen, drama

Type: ova

Producer: Rintaro

Autor: Yano Tetsu

Studio: Madhouse Studios

Time: 130 min

Description of Dagger of Kamui

Japan, the middle of the XIX century. Jiro - an orphan, brought up by a good peasant. Unexpectedly, however, a foster family Jiro kill, and his neighbors think of a killer. All that remains at Jiro, - an ancient sword,which is called the Divine. Tenkan, the head of one of the clans ninja, Jiro helps avenge the death of a foster mother and takes him to his clan for training. However, Jiro soon realizes that tenkan and his henchmen want to take over power in the country. Not wanting to deal with them nothing, the boy runs away from the clan and trying to learn,who his real parents. However, in order to find out the truth, he has to travel around the world...

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