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Coyote Ragtime Show

Image for anime mult Coyote Ragtime Show

Year: 2006

Genre: comedy, adventures, fiction

Type: tv_series

Producer: Nonaka Takuya

Autor: Ouse Matsuri

Studio: Ufo Table

Time: 25 min

Description of Coyote Ragtime Show

From prison somewhere on the distant planet shortly before the expiration of the sentence runs a well-known space pirate named Mr. He is assisted by the faithful druzya-coyotes Bishop and Katana, and somewhere it is waiting for a girl Frank, which he left in the care of her dead father. She spends time driving with Mr. pirate bar, which in the meantime pursues sultry and voracious sledovatelnitsa Angelica and Chelsea agent, as well as criminal guild " 12 sisters Madame Marciano " in the face of Madame Marciano and its cyberdolls. All unites the race for treasures that somewhere hidden " Pirate King »...

Images and photos of Coyote Ragtime Show

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